April Creed has over twenty-five years of experience in Aged Care as a Registered Nurse, a Palliative Care Nurse and a Care Manager in a large Residential Aged Care Facility.

Rebecca Glover has over sixteen years of experience in various environments in Aged Care, ranging from Residential Aged Care to Home Care. She has a passion for utilising technology to improve human outcomes.

ExSitu is a web-based solution that uses card sorting to provide a supportive human experience to recognise when people are vulnerable and need that support. ExSitu helps people reflect on what is meaningful to them by stimulating their thought processes and gets them to speak.

In this episode, Pete, April and Rebecca cover care planning and advanced care directives. They also discuss the Aged Care Royal Commission, healthcare and helping people close to you do what’s right by you when needed. Tune into this episode to hear how The Royal Commission’s recommendations can align with your aim for quality aged care. This episode covers the basics around advanced care planning. Learn how and why care providers should improve the care given to the elderly.

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