Does your Doctor have a TikTok account?

Sarah Rav is a 22 year old Australian medical student, with an inspiring story to share. 

After recovering from a serious eating disorder that almost took her life, Sarah has taken to popular Social Media Platforms to inspire others, raise awareness & encourage them to seek help.  She has over 1.5 Million combined followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok and others.

Her rapidly growing TikTok is the epitome of a "StudyTok", where she provides valuable advice to high-school students who are passionate about improving their grades & interest in pathways into Medicine.

In this episode on the Talking HealthTech podcast, you’ll hear Sarah’s story, and how she built such a big social media following so quickly.  You will hear her perspective on the use of social media in healthcare, and some of the associated opportunities and risks.

Check out the full show notes and episode here.