Dr Karen Price is a clinical GP, and Past Practice Owner. And up until recently she was the Deputy Chair, Victorian Faculty of the RACGP - she stepped down from this role as she is now a Candidate for the RACGP Presidential Elections.

Karen is also the Co-Founder and administrator of GPs Down Under (GPDU) - a membership community featuring nearly 8,000 GPs focused on peer learning, peer advocacy, and peer support.

In this interview, learn about the rise of social media and its role in clinician support and education.  

You’ll hear about Karen’s bid to become the new RACGP President and what she will bring to the role.

You will also hear of the impact of telehealth on the Australian GP community, and the benefits of patients taking a more active role in their healthcare.

For complete show notes about this interview and many more resources for Australian healthcare providers about technology, check out the Talking HealthTech website.