With me today is Henrik Molin. He’s the CEO of Physitrack, a patient engagement technology company that he co-founded in 2012. 

Physitrack was initially a side hustle for Henrik in parallel to a career in investment management.  He attributes the success he has had in life to the fact he has always had a side hustle.  In fact, he believes everyone should have one!

During this interview, learn about the extreme rapid growth that Phystrack saw when COVID hit (200% of one year’s growth in only six weeks?! 🤯), and what they learnt during the process.  

Also hear about the lesser known ‘secret lives of Molin’ including his band’s entries to Eurovisoin, and his own best selling financial fiction that once outsold JK Rowling (in Sweden, but it still counts 🇸🇪 😉)

For detailed show notes from the episode, click here.