Can you trust that smartphone app with your health information?
Tim Blake is the Managing Director of Semantic Consulting, who are focused on leading digital change in healthcare. 
Tim helps organisations with digital health strategy, and is passionate about enabling engaged patients, activating carers, the use of mobile solutions in health, consumer health technology, precision medicine, consumer genomics, pharmacogenomics and many other components of digital health that are disrupting healthcare in positive and exciting ways.
Tim has been on the Talking HealthTech Podcast once before - way back in episode 2, which you should totally go back and check out after this one.
Semantic Consulting are the creators of the Digital Health Guide which is providing high quality information about mobile health apps, including what capabilities they have, what conditions they are for, what evidence exists to support their claims, and reviews and ratings from health providers, patients and more.
In this episode explore the rising use of mobile apps in healthcare, as well as the current trends, safety, regulation and future of digital health.
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