Jack O'Brien is an early adopter, business geek, and a health professional. 

He is a Director of Clinic Mastery, who have built a thriving community and an invaluable library of resources around helping Australian health professionals thrive, and is also a host of the Grow Your Clinic Podcast, which you should definitely go and subscribe to now by the way.

Jack inspires others to live a high performance life that is led by innovation and purpose-driven giving. 

He is Owner and Senior Physiotherapist at Terrace Physio Plus in Newcastle, and a devoted husband and father, as well as a lover of coffee, wine and whisky, 

In this episode you will learn about how Jack got started with Clinic Mastery, and what makes him tick. 

You will hear about what life is like in Allied Health, and some of the similarities and differences compared to GPs and Specialists.

You will also learn about some of the popular and emerging tech available to Allied Health Practitioners today to help them run a successful clinic, as well as get some great tips on running your own business in the healthcare arena. 

Make sure you check out Clinic Mastery’s free clinic assessment tool mentioned on the show by following this link.