Dr Ginni Mansberg is no stranger to Australian television and other media - she is a Sydney GP, and has been on shows like Embarrassing Bodies Down Under on Channel 9, Sunrise & the Morning Show on Channel 7, Medicine or Myth on SBS, Things You Can't Talk About on TV on Audible, as well as featuring in a bunch of magazines, radio shows and podcasts. 

In addition to this and a heap of other responsibilities, Dr Ginni is also a successful businesswoman, with her own cosmeceutical and beauty-related business, ESK - Evidence Skin Care.

Pete and Dr Ginni spoke via livestream video with a live audience, and the audio recording was converted into an episode of the Talking HealthTech Podcast.  Attendees engaged in chat, asked questions, participated in polls, and generally shaped the conversation.  

In this episode Pete and Ginni talk all about entrepreneurship - from idea to execution.  Ginni talks about her background, the impact of COVID-19 on General Practitioners, and the story of her own business.  Dr Ginni provides her insights on starting your own business, running your own company while balancing family and kids, as well as how and when to spin up a side hustle, plus much much more.