Better care is the promise for the future, powered by data-driven care

John Sutherland is the Chief Information Officer at HammondCare and an ADHA advisor. 

Paul Gladwell is St. Vincent's Health Australia's public hospitals' digital and technology manager. 

Sue Hanson is the chief clinical information officer at InfoMedix. 

InfoMedix is a next-generation clinical patient management technology addressing the growing needs of managing patient information across the healthcare system

In this episode, Pete, John, Paul and Sue look at data-driven care, including the role it plays in improving healthcare. They also explore COVID and patient data and much more.

Hear about data-driven care, the needs of patients and clinicians and the potential that data has to change how we do healthcare. Also, learn about the steps that are necessary for making data-driven care a reality.  

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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