The world has changed and our approach to population healthcare must change with it

Tracey Cotterill is the managing director of the population health intelligence business unit at Civica.

John Doran is the head of solution strategy for the business unit that Tracy heads.

Judith Boskett has been with Civica since mid-2021. She has been in healthcare sales for over twenty-five years now in Australia.

Civica are a global IT-based services partner in digital solutions, software applications, and managed services.

In this episode, Pete, Tracey, John and Judith have a discussion centred on population health management and costing while looking into a changed approach to improve patient outcomes that focus more on the organisation rather than the clinician and much more.

This episode focuses on the benefits of data on healthcare costing and population healthcare management. It also takes a peek into value-based healthcare and why it is essential. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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