Preventing the physical damage and financial cost of pressure injuries.

Ajit Ravindran is a management consultant with more than fifteen years of experience in health and financial services. Will Yang has a background in biomedical engineering and research.

Lenexa Medical is passionate about empowering clinicians and carers to deliver a better standard of care to patients and continues to develop innovative patient-centred technologies with the power to save lives.

In this episode, Pete, Ajit and Will discussed Lenexa Medical’s technology for detecting preventable pressure injuries in patients before they occur, getting patients out of the hospital sooner and saving money on an overburdened healthcare system.

This episode features a conversation around a long-standing issue with little to no effective prevention technology. You can learn how this fabric-based sensor that is placed beneath the mattress cover can help reduce the incidence of pressure injuries and save the health facilities billions of dollars.


Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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