Mentoring, a multi-disciplined career path and humour for the holidays… Do you really need more?

Dr Chris Peyton, a director at Ediofy. He has worked as an emergency doctor for over ten years while founding several successful medical startups, including, an exam preparation site for doctors.

Ediofy is an education marketplace for health professionals. At Ediofy, we utilise artificial intelligence and the wisdom of the crowd to help users create their own bespoke learning journey. 

In this episode, Michelle and Chris discuss what it's like to be a multitasking medical professional and a tech founder. They also explore the importance of finding a good coach and a mentor. Plus, there's some down to earth humour in this episode as well. 

Tune into this episode to learn how to determine when to say yes and no along with the challenges of multitasking. Learn why you need to understand your strengths and the importance of rest, and relaxation, plus so much more. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Ediofy, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here

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