2 years and 200 episodes collaboration through conversations

Peter Birch is the CEO and founder of Talking HealthTech. He has worked in management roles in healthcare organisations for over fifteen years and has experienced first hand the exciting developments and the frustrating stagnation of it all.

Talking HealthTech is a podcast and membership community for those passionate about technology in healthcare.

In this special 200th episode, Michelle Gardner from the THT+ Community interviews Pete to hear his experiences from this journey of going from episode one to two hundred. They also look at what Pete has learnt over a two-year period.

You will learn a bit more about Pete, what motivates him, his goal-planning habits and more. Hear how you can transition from the corporate world into something more niched. Plus, get exclusive insight into what’s to come for the Talking HealthTech brand. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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