There’s a better and simpler way to solve those stock-taking problems. 

Dr Namita Gupta has been a dentist since 2004 along with Dr Stephan Kantharah. Together, they own and operate three dental practices in Sydney, Newcastle and Gosford. To fine-tune their dental practice and offer the best service possible, Namita and Stephan have continued our education and post-graduate studies. 

Restocq was born out of its founder’s personal experiences and is a solution designed to redefine how dental practitioners and suppliers work together.

In this episode, Pete, Namita and Stephan explore the topic of buying and managing stock. Also, we hear about their journey and the challenges faced in developing a platform in the med-tech space. Pete Namita and Stephan also take a look at what solutions exist to better improve practice profitability and organise systems.

This episode will provide you with tips on how clinicians can become successful innovators and how you can streamline your stock-taking process. Also, this episode will cover topics like solving the four major procurement problems, including that one key person issue. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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