As a clinician, how do you want to contribute to digital health? 

Dr Amandeep Hansra is a GP who balances seeing patients with her passion for Digital Health. She is the founder of Creative Careers In Medicine and is now investing through groups like Australian Medical Angels. Amandeep consults with government and private industries and contributes on boards.

The CCIM is a community of 13,000 online members (clinicians) who are thinking outside of the box. The Australian Medical Angels is a group of over four hundred doctors who like to invest in health tech startups. 

In this episode, Pete and Dr Amandeep Hansra discuss the CCIM, Australian Medical Angels, the future of healthcare in Australia, the opportunity for digital health and much more. 

Check out this episode to learn how clinicians can get more involved in digital health and the right steps to take when seeking investors for your solutions. Also, learn about the current state of healthcare in Australia and what can bring about positive changes, plus, what’s the future like for digital health? 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at CCIM, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here

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