In Australia, we have over 7 million people living in rural and remote areas.  That’s over a quarter of the population.  


It’s also a fact, that people living in rural and remote areas have higher rates of hospitalisations, deaths and injury, but they also have poorer access to, and use of, primary health care services, compared to people living in Major cities.


So the people who need healthcare the most in Australia, have the least amount of access to it.


So what can we do? How do we use technology, infrastructure and know how to close the gap when it comes to delivering more accessible healthcare to all Australians. 


One way is improving connectivity.  And in this episode, Pete chats with Jen Beer from NBN, all about healthcare in rural and remote areas of Australia.  They drill into the importance of connectivity in these locations, and some of the critical success factors enabling digital health for patients and practitioners.  


Check out the episode and full show notes here.


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