On the 25th of August, Peter Birch connected for a livestream Q&A session on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook with Jeff Smoot, CEO Infomedix & David Ryan, CIO Northern Health. 


The session focused on the importance of fostering strong relationships between technology vendors and hospitals, how to approach building partnerships, and what happens when the relationship is tested with project challenges. 


There was plenty of engagement throughout from those tuning in, and a great mix of old and new faces in the industry. 


During the session, Jeff, David and Pete spoke about the following topics:


  • How Northern Health & Infomedix partnership came to fruition
  • Their day-to-day relationship 
  • Setbacks that challenged both organisations and how they worked together to overcome them
  • Critical factors for a successful partnership and why Executive Leadership is so important 
  • Contributors to success in challenging times: escalation, transparency and communication
  • Practical tips to help you navigate stakeholder management at all levels

And so much more!

To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at InfoMedix, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here

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