What is the promise of digital health?

Graeme Osborne joined Telstra Health as Head of Digital Hospitals and Connected Health in 2019. In the past, he has led large-scale digital projects, including the rollout of the New Zealand National eHealth Program, which has given more than one-third of citizens access to their health information online.

Telstra Health provides technology solutions that connect healthcare providers with patients and each other and help improve the quality, efficiency and security of health services in Australia.

In this episode, Pete and Graeme have a discussion that covers digital health as an industry. They also look at what has been promised compared to what’s actually been delivered. Lastly, Pete and Graeme explore Telstra Health’s approach to digital health and how it creates better results for consumers and clinicians.

Tune into this episode to learn how you can harness digital health to get better healthcare results for patients and make the care process much easier to deliver for providers. Get a better understanding of AI’s role in healthcare as Graeme Osborne explains it all. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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