Chris Smeed is the co-founder and CEO of the Brisbane-based software startup Cubiko. For the last seven years, he has seen first hand the achievable opportunities through harnessing practice data power. Chris’ experience comes from having worked across practice management and practice support roles himself.

Cubiko is an innovative platform dedicated to helping general practices gain insights into their practice business and operations every day.

In this episode, Pete and Chris sit down for an engaging conversation that focuses on the vaccine rollout progress. They also look into the changes the government has implemented, their impact and how technology is helping support it all. 

This episode will improve your understanding of just how instrumental technology is in the vaccination process. It will also provide you with an insider’s view of the process from the general practices’ point of view. Learn how data from practice management systems are used for streamlining the vaccination process and practices can stay up-to-date through community involvement. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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