Testing the hearing of children? Let’s make a game of it!

Carolyn Mee is the founder and CEO of Sound Scouts. She comes from a background in content production for television. Carolyn’s desire to upskill in the digital space led to the development of Sound Scouts. She has received many awards for her innovative achievements.

Sound Scouts is a free, clinically proven app that enables hearing to be checked in any quiet place, efficiently and reliably using its app. The company received funding through grants to help get things off the ground. 

In this episode, Pete and Carolyn dive into a fascinating conversation about paediatric hearing impairment. They look at how Carolyn is helping to make positive changes to the lives of children by detecting hearing loss that may have prevented them from realising their potential. 

This episode focuses on the future of Australia; the children. Carolyn Mee shares her inspiration for developing a life-changing game that is clinically proven to carry out hearing tests. Learn how anyone can use this simple app to help ensure a more soundproof future for the children of Australia.

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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