Changing the game of clinical trial involvement for GPs


Suhit Anantula is a global business design leader and is the Founding CEO of Plexus Research. Dr Andrew Kellie is the Co-Managing Principal at East Adelaide Healthcare Clinic and has been a GP for many years.

Plexus is a tech-driven community-based clinical trial network. The company enables clinics, clinicians and citizens to participate in clinical trials and contribute to global medical breakthroughs. Plexus research believes in democratising clinical trials to reach people wherever they are rather than people going to wherever clinical trials are based. 

In this episode Pete, Suhit and Andrew discuss clinical trials and how GPs and clinic owners can become involved in the process. They also look into making clinical trials more accessible to patients. Tune into this episode to learn more about clinical trials in general practice and why GPs are ideal for patient recruiting. Also, get a better understanding of the roles and benefits that GPs can obtain in trials. Gain a deeper insight into the trials and go-to-market process for the 3 Ds clinical trial. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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