Did you know that 1 in every 40 flights experience a medical event?

Simon May is a specialist physician in Aviation Medicine. He was trained initially in Paediatrics, Intensive care and Anesthesia. Simon then developed a particular interest in aeromedical work. He has been involved with assistance medicine with International SOS, and for the last decade, he has held medical management roles at Qantas, Virgin and Qatar Airways. 

Flightcare Global is helping to manage medical events pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground. The company offers a technology-based medical support platform for aviation. Their approach is innovative, technology-based and cost-effective, delivered by a team with a background of high level medical, operational and account management knowledge and experience.

In this episode, Simon and Pete cover topics like healthy air travel, technology and much more. This episode is packed with information on aviation medicine. Learn how saving a life onboard an aircraft can become easier by using technology and the different methods airlines use for addressing medical events. 

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