SaMD; how much do you know about it?

Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry is CEO and Co-Founder of Max Kelsen. He has a broad range of expertise across business, economics, sales, management and law. 

Dr Navid Toosi Saidy is the Quality and Technology Translation Leader at Max Kelsen. He focuses on ‘translating’ bleeding-edge AI/ machine learning-based research projects to registered medical devices. Navid has a background in mechanical engineering. He also holds a PhD in biomedical engineering and medical device development. Navid currently is focused on developing research and products at Max Kelsen. 

Max Kelsen is a 6 year old Australian machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions company delivering innovations that help businesses achieve operational efficiencies and competitive advantage. The company operates in several industries, such as resources, oil and gas, financial services, insurance and the public sector. About 60% of the business focuses on the healthcare and life sciences sector. 

In this episode, we speak to Dr Navid Toosi Saidy and Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry from Max Kelsen about artificial intelligence. We answer your FAQs like; is it something you need to worry about; will it take your jobs? Will it revolutionise what you do? What does it even mean? We also explore topics, such as SaMD; Software as a Medical Device, commercialising AI in healthcare, R&D, innovation and loads more.

If you are a SaMD or AI health tech developer, then this episode is for you! Learn all there is to know about the regulations surrounding your product classification. Get tips from industry experts on how to undertake R&D for your potential solution. Find out the best route to take when bringing your product to market.

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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