Who does interoperability and practice management systems better, on-prem or cloud?

Matt Galetto is the CEO and Founder of MediRecords. He has over twenty years of experience in Healthcare Information Technology and holds a degree in Marine Biology and Biochemistry from James Cook University. Matthew worked as a scientist for a while then got into computing, programming and technical design and architecting. He started in health tech in the late 90s. 

Michelle O’Brien is Head of Strategy at MediRecords. She has over twenty-five years of experience in a number of senior executive roles advising on digital health transformation. Michelle first started with Reuters in 1990 on some of the earliest data projects, teaching analysts and developing some of the first executive information systems. She decided to take on health tech, where she’s worked in OHNS, patient engagement, and some consulting.

MediRecords was inspired by the rise of an accounting company called Xero that looked to shift on-premises accounting software through to the cloud. Matt applied the same paradigm shift in health technology and developed MediRecords, a cloud practice management system. It provides specialised solutions for GPs, Specialists, Allied Health, Governments and Enterprise organisations.

We feature Matthew Galetto and Michelle O’Brien from MediRecords in this Talking HealthTech episode. Our conversation sheds light on how the cloud and interoperability will shape the future of healthcare delivery in a broad range of settings, along with some examples of new models of care that are already happening.

This episode will help you to understand how and why a cloud-based practice management system is efficient in improving the clinical workflow for corporate enterprises and SMBs. In addition, learn how to land enterprise clients from someone who has done it before. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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