What's your clinical onboarding procedure like?

Dr Sonia Chanchlani has a background in clinical forensics, medical education and clinician wellbeing research. She is the Chief Medical Officer at MedApps, working closely with organisations to ensure governance, QI engagement, and clinician wellbeing get prioritised. 

Dr Rob Pearlman is the Founder and CEO of MedApps. He is a clinician who taught himself to code in order to build the first version of MedApps, which is now used by more than 22,000 clinicians across Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada. Rob has been a doctor for the past 7 years and began coding while doing his internship.

The aim of MedApps is to give every clinician the information and tools to feel capable, confident and efficient in their work, which has a flow on effect on patient care and safety. MedApps systematises the onboarding and ongoing clinical engagement of all the people inside a hospital by giving clinicians the information they need at their fingertips.

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, we sit down with Dr Rob Pearlman and Dr Sonia Chanchlani from MedApps. We discuss communication with clinicians in a disaster, clinician engagement and wellbeing. We also delve into clinician onboarding and lots more. 

This episode covers a range of topics for clinicians who work within the hospital setting and get moved around frequently. Learn how an app can help you to simplify that dreaded onboarding process by breaking it down into simpler steps and only providing information relevant to your role. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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