Do you know how your paediatric therapy patient is performing at home?

Laura Simmons  is a passionate paediatric occupational therapist, helping families and working with children, living with a range of disabilities. Laura has worked with schools and also in the private health sector, for almost ten years. Additionally, she has been involved with autism research projects overseas and specialises in treating kids with restricted food intake disorders. Laura is the CEO and Founder of Theratrak.

Theratrak is a digital platform enabling paediatric allied health therapists to track client progress and bridge the gap between face-to-face sessions. It allows these health professionals to create custom therapy home programs for kids and then track their client’s progress from a distance.

Joining me today on Talking HealthTech is Laura Simmons from Theratrak. During this episode, we look at what it’s like being an occupational therapist (OT) in 2021 and what it’s like to start up your own tech company while maintaining a clinical role. Laura also shares with us the importance of community in healthcare and the industry, plus loads more.

Did you know the minute someone leaves a medical practitioner they forget up to 80% of the information given to them? In this episode, learn about an amazing solution to keep up-to-date with home therapy progress. 

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