NetHealth; empowering patients through remote monitoring

Vidya Nallamad is the CEO and co-founder of NetHealth. She has worked in the software industry for 16 years, including time with GE and Phillips Medical Systems in project management roles. From her days in university; mum, sister, and wife Vidya has been passionate about NetHealth. Even though she wanted to become a doctor, Vidya delved into engineering and completed her Master's in Business Administration (MBA), which led her onto her current path. About 16 years ago, Vidya migrated to Australia, and at that time, she wanted to give back to the community in the medical space, so in 2013, Vidya and her team founded NetHealth Data. 

NetHealth builds software products for medical centres and hospitals, including the telemonitoring platform; NetHealth Data. They're focused mainly on chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. NetHealth aims to help people with these conditions to keep healthy and manage their conditions effectively. NetHealth Data is a simple software in the form of a mobile app for people with lifestyle conditions. The app is available for download in the Google and Apple stores. 

This episode of Talking Healthtech features Vidya Nallamad from NetHealth Data. We explore the technology to help support patients with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Also, we discuss the concepts of integrated care models and remote patient monitoring. 

If you have patients with chronic conditions, then tune in to this episode of Talking HealthTech to learn how remote monitoring has improved the health status of many and how it can do the same for your clients.  

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