Improve your financial health to achieve your financial goals.

Luca Guerra has an extensive background in residential and commercial banking across some of Australia's biggest banks and across NAB and the Westpac group with the bank of Melbourne. In 2018 he moved into finance broking and founded Introjuce Health, where he currently is the CEO. Luca has a young family with two kids, he is a pretty passionate sports fan and loves living in Melbourne. 

Introjuce Health specialises in medico finance solutions and specialists finance for medical and healthcare professionals. They help remove the stress and anxiety out of finance for medical and healthcare professionals. Luca noted that when the company was founded in 2018, the goal was to make the financial journey more manageable and more transparent for SMEs. Luca and his colleagues raised some capital and built a marketplace in the form of a mobile app and a web platform.

In this episode of Talking Health Tech, we sit down with Luca Guerra from Introjuce Health. We discuss topics surrounding doctors' finances, how they can structure their earnings, and access better financial deals easier during our conversation. 

As a practitioner, learn how you can meet your personal or business financial goals by getting the most out of your earnings and accessing better funding,

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