Antony Condina is the CEO of GD Pharma and a partner in Green Dispensary Compounding. He is an expert in regulatory requirements of medicines, production, and a big advocate for the use of leading technology to enhance quality and safety benchmarks in the space. Antony is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, and an innovator who has been involved in the development and commercialisation of a range of novel pharmaceutical products that improve treatment, efficacy, patient care, and patient convenience.

Antony has been a pharmacist for nearly twenty years. Throughout that tenure, he has gained a variety of experience in all things pharmacy-related; from retail to compounding, to manufacturing pharmacy.

Green Dispensary is a group of retail pharmacies located in South Australia. They’ve also established a purpose-built state of the art compounding pharmacy located in St. Peter’s. This facility is the first and only dedicated compounding pharmacy in South Australia. As a group, The Green Dispensary Pharmacies offer their customers a unique array of professional and retail services.

This episode of Talking HealthTech surrounds medical cannabis. We cover topics like the use, prescribing and regulation of medicinal cannabis and more in a discussion with Anthony Condina. Anthony also shares the process of medical compounding with us, how it works, its benefits, and how technology has helped to improve the process around compounding in recent years.

Learn about the benefits of customised medications through the use of compounding and how medicinal cannabis can help to meet the unmet medical needs of patients.

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