Dr Padma Gadiyar is a dentist, speaker, multi-site practice owner, artificial intelligence enthusiast, and healthcare consultant to the dental and medical industries. She is the founder and CEO of Smilo.ai. Padma is the author of the book Buy, Build, Sell, and she has been in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, The Times, International Business Times, ABC, Bite Magazines, and loads more. She is a mother to two beautiful girls.

Smilo.ai is an AI-powered virtual care platform, connecting high-risk patients to their dentists from the convenience of their homes. It increases productivity in dental clinics by re-imagining patient experience. Smilo.ai provides instant results, and based on the results; you are connected to your dentist. 

This episode of Talking HealthTech features Padma Gadiyar, founder of Smilo.ai, which is a telehealth app that helps you find unrecognized and hidden dental decay and gum disease from the comfort of your own home. We discuss dentistry, artificial intelligence, patient experience, remote monitoring, and more.

This episode will take you into the world of dentistry and give you insight on why visiting the dentist regularly is important and how you can use an app to make your visit much easier and bearable.   

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