Combating prostate cancer, one video consult at a time.


Eric Lekie, originally from Canada, now resides in Australia and is co-founder of Online Prostate Physiotherapy. He holds a doctorate in physiotherapy and completed post-graduate training in male pelvic floor physiotherapy. Eric is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Telehealth Advisory Committee, where he aims to help implement telehealth initiatives across Australia. 


Online Prostate Physiotherapy is a telehealth clinic that helps to treat men affected by prostate cancer throughout Australia using video consultations. Online Prostate Physiotherapy was started in 2019 by Eric Leckie and Travis Monk.


This episode of Talking HealthTech surrounds Online Prostate Physiotherapy. We speak with Eric Leckie about the possibilities of getting a prostate check from home, the future of physiotherapy, and the importance of community and treatment programs, particularly when it comes to mental health. 


This episode will expand your knowledge base on men’s health, particularly physiotherapy for prostate cancer patients.  You will gain insight into how physio helps with improving one’s mental health status.


Check out the episode and full show notes here.


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